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    Child and Adolescent Medication Management

    Are you looking for individualized, integrative care for mental wellness?

    Medication can be an important part of managing your child’s mental health and wellness. A talented psychiatric provider understands the intricate interplay of a variety of factors that contribute to mental health and wellness.

    Our highly qualified providers offer a compassionate approach to evidence-based medication management and trauma-informed care for children, adolescents, and young adults. We treat a variety of behavioral, emotional, developmental and mental health concerns to support your child’s well being.

    Our providers will take the time to evaluate your concerns and to know and treat your child as a whole person. We recognize each client is a unique individual and believe in treating the whole child helping them to live their life fully and authentically.

    PLEASE NOTE:We do not evaluate patients in crisis. For immediate safety concerns, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency department.

    What to expect from your first appointment

    Your initial appointment is a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation typically lasting 90 minutes. The purpose of this initial evaluation is to:

    -Identify and understand your specific symptoms and concerns.

    -Assess medical, developmental, psychiatric, and family histories.

    -Complete diagnostic screenings and assessments.

    -Develop a detailed and individualized treatment plan. 

    Your child’s treatment plan may include recommendations for lab tests/blood work, psychotherapy, medications, genetic testing or neuroimaging as indicated. Please note that medication will be considered but is not always indicated and prescribed. At Life Fully Lived, we recognize the importance of an intentional and individualized approach to treatment that recognizes the unique needs and preferences of each patient. Decisions regarding treatment, medication and the care of your child will be based on a collaborative discussion and mutual agreement between you and your provider.

    Follow Up Appointments

    Follow-up appointments are typically 60 minutes in length. During these appointments, your provider will assess your child’s progress and make necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. You will discuss the effectiveness of any prescribed medication, considering whether to adjust the dosage for better symptom control or address any side effects by adjusting dosage or exploring alternative medications.

    Your provider will carefully listen to your feedback, monitor your child’s progress, and work collaboratively with you to ensure that your treatment plan is the right plan for you and is achieving desired results. We know a positive therapeutic relationship is key to supporting your child’s well-being and to achieving optimal outcomes.

    For current clients of Lauren Decker, MSN, APRN:

     To request medication refills send an email to: 

     [email protected]

    *If it has been greater than 90 days since you have seen your provider you may need to contact the office to schedule an appointment to obtain a refill.

    In your message, please include the following:

    Full Name of Client

    Date of Birth of Client

     Medication requested (including name, dose, and frequency)

    Pharmacy & Pharmacy Phone Number (Due to the ongoing stimulant shortage, please list up to 3 different pharmacies in case transferring of a prescription is required)

    Name of Caller and Number at which you can be reached

    Please allow up to 3 business days for refill requests to be completed. 

    Note: Prescriptions for controlled substances become void if not dispensed within seven days of the original fill date. Medication changes, switching, increasing or decreasing doses, adding other medications are only discussed during scheduled appointments.