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    Grief & Bereavement

    The loss of a loved one is forever life changing. Bereavement refers to the process of accepting and moving on following the death of a loved one or, a reaction to any form of loss.

    One can grieve the loss of many things: a dream, a marriage, plans, expectations, an opportunity missed…. Many are grieving that life as we knew it has changed as a result of the recent pandemic.

    The process of adapting to loss can dramatically change from person to person, depending on their background, beliefs, relationship the loss(es) and many other factors.

    Symptoms of grief can be physical, emotional or social.

    A few common symptoms are:




    Loss of appetite

    Difficulty sleeping



    Chronic Pain


    Feelings of sadness and yearning

    Feelings of worry or anger

    Feelings of frustration or guilt

    Really…. any feeling is “normal” and “expected”


    Feeling detached from others

    Self-isolation from social contact

    Behaving in ways that are not normal for you

    lack of motivation


    Every individual experience is different. A person may be able to continue their day-to-day routine after one loss, yet not be able to get out of bed after another. Whatever your personal experience is, grief and bereavement counseling can help.

    If you are experiencing grief-related thoughts, behaviors, or feelings our clinicians can help.